Times fly when you’re having fun

March 13, 2019/1/0

March. What? Like when? I’m definitely not starting the fifth month; I’d have to remember that. Not possible. Besides, I’m starting a second chapter of my volunteering in the village of Chambok in the province of Kampong Speu. I live with my family in a colourful house on high legs number 27 and I really like it. I´ve been here for four days only, and I’ve already been on a two-day track between the waterfalls, the forest and the jungle with a hammock somewhere in the middle of the jungle on the top of the mountain where the tigers are walking nearby; but I won´t believe unless I see them, haha. For dinner, we roasted some fish and meat on a bamboo stove and cooked on a fire in the water of a nearby waterfall where we took a quick shower. Then I hung a hammock on a tree for the first time in my life, we made a fire and we were lying in the hammocks in the middle of nowhere with the stars above us, the fire in front of us, and ubiquitous chirping and the noise of the forest. It was a moment when I smiled for myself in the hammock under my blanket and just repeated “thank you that I can”.

The next day we left in the morning before it got too hot and so that we could still catch part of the wedding that my neighbours invited me to the day of my arrival.

The village is one big family and I like it very much. Sometimes I just watch how beautifully people interact. I watch old grandpas at the wedding welcoming each other with respect, women touching my arm and hair and two little girls braiding hair of the third one. Meanwhile, the loud, rhythmic Khmer music is getting started and the smallest children start running though the dance floor, dogs following them behind their backs. I laugh and live the moment.

My volunteering will be mostly giving English classes three times a day, not only to small children but also to primary school pupils. Every morning, afternoon and evening. Also, every day I will be coming to the community to show both adults and teenagers how to use the PC and teach them the basics so they could become independent users. I’m going to ride a bicycle to come to all these places, so I will hopefully burn all the rice calories, won´t I? I’m looking forward and I´m also very curious.

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  • Marc Weton / May 29, 2019 / Reply

    Amazing stories from your volunteers. Go on with the good work. 👌🏼

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