Tereza in Cambodia

November 30, 2018/0/0

My name is Tereza. At the age of 25, I finally made one of my dreams come true – to travel as volunteer to Cambodia and to try to live in this interesting and culturally different country for the next 6 months. I come from a big family – I have 4 great brothers and no sister. I really love to travel, mostly with as few things as possible and alone. I love good food, good beer with good people around me, nature, mountains, via ferratas, camp fire and sleeping in the nature under the sky.

„Why did you choose Cambodia? What are you going to do there? Are you scared? I wouldn‘t ever go there!“ They say. I just smile and say something like it is one of my dreams and chose Cambodia because I have been interested in this country for such a long time and I want to get to know the culture, local people and their monuments, but mainly the nature, food and the nature again. But people don’t listen anyway, they are too scared to do so. I don’t know what to pack, so I put into my luggage mostly sleeveless tops and shorts. Pack as less things as possible, everyone says. My backpack is half filled with things for Cambodian children. 17 kg, cool, it will fit into the baggage limit. Before the departure I totally don’t get that I’m leaving to Cambodia for 6 months. And I still didn’t get it even when I was on the plane. Maybe it felt normal to me, that I’m about to follow one of my dreams, to see this poor but interesting country with such a sad history.

I don’t know what should I expect as a volunteer and I am really curious about what’s going to happen. But I am 100% sure, that I’ve chosen the right organization for the goal of my stay there, no matter what will my tasks be. I want to be, first of all, useful and helpful for the others. I also want to experience something I would never experience in the Czech Republic. I want to develop my personality more, open up for new opportunities and gain new experiences. I want to have muddy feet and to see big smiles of the children and mine as well and I’m pretty confident about this one. I do not know what’s waiting for me but I am really looking forward. A lot!


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