One of my day as volunteer

April 15, 2019/0/0

I wake up by myself at 6am, because I had enough sleep. In the morning I ride a decaying bike to school on red dusty road, avoiding cows and returning waving to children on their way to school driving against me. After 20 minutes I arrived sweaty on the place and its not even sunrise yet. I hear the squeaks and the word teacher. I started with alphabeth. “J, K, L … Z, ok?” I’m pointing at A … She’s watching me and looking straight into my eyes. She has no shoes and a dirty mouth. “A” tapping the letter with a pencil. “A” she repeats but she does not even look at the board. I smile and say OK. She repeats OK. Cute.

In the afternoon I go to the eco-community. Here, I teach wild teen Tarzans. 😀 I have a small board that I support with a chair on my desk and make fun of their writing, drawing and pronunciation. I show them different grimace and imitate them when they don’t know the answer. They make fun of it, so I can hear the noisy laughter of 23 children. My heart beats by happiness the second time. After class, a little boy comes in if I can’t write with him words on a PC. Sure, let’s go. Then I teach monks. They listen and watch every movement of my lips. They are quieter and they look away from me when they speak. One of them buys me a Coke and the other asks me if I have already eaten. They are wearing an orange robe that reveals just one full arm and their shaved heads gleam in the sun. I’m asking them if they are hot? “No teacher” “Don’t call me teacher boys. I’m Teresa. ”I’m joking around, and they obviously like it and finally we laugh together. I leave the community and going back home, where 7 children gathered from neighbors are ready for evening learning.

My most favourite hosttaught me how to make bracelets and cooks me balanced meals! People here are so nice and kind. I live in a completely different world here. Pleasantly tired after a shower, I dine with the puppies around me. I watch the moon, close my eyes, breathe deeply, feel the dust on my bare feet and ask myself a question: So, how’s it going?


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