The present moment

January 5, 2019/0/0

I’m not trying to solve anything here. Neither work, nor future, I’m solving the present moment, what am I going to eat, what am I going to teach the kids that day, whether a tiger that murdered two cows close to my village won’t eat me or whether a goose won´t tweak me.

I wake up into a sunny hot day and in the evening I watch a beautiful round moon while brushing my teeth. Everyday I have dirty hands and feet. When I go to school, the children accompany me holding my hands so firmly it seems they are afraid I’d disappear somewhere. I do not know which day and what time is it and I do not mind. My phone is charging on a tiny bundle of wires with pliers, and the charging of half battery takes about 5 hours so sometimes it’s fine to be unconnected.

I wash my clothes and myself in a river near the waterfall in a terribly funny, long dress with local people and children. It’s been a long time I got to like rice, and I got used to sleeping with cats next to my head on wood. Every day shake off your shoes before you put them on! Frogs often like to settle in there. People here don’t have a S…, but every family will regale you. Every single one. They laugh so honestly, stroking your hair, squeezing your hand. So why can not one be simply happy? ️

PS: Appreciate what you´ve got. Twice more during Christmas.

I wish you a beautiful New Year and good luck in 2019.


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