Teaching and life in the village

December 28, 2018/0/0

Village Ou Chamm, 3 hours from city, is the place, wherethe time has stopped. It is hard to spot a car or a scooter here on a dusty, red road with palm trees and jungle with hills. Car passes here every three hours, and more than people you meet a herd of cows. In the morning, a roster with a goose wakes me up, yay! Beautiful, smudgedchildren of the local people add the authenticity as well as our wooden room with a wooden bed that I share withan English teacher. My teaching started right here when I was thrown into the water when the first day my astonished principal asked me how I want to teach when I do not know the Khmer language. I did not know that either. So Naisean, the English teacher, offered me she will translate for children. Later that day, I found out children only know the alphabet well, but when I scramble letters, it is worse. Fortunately, children are really motivated and full of amazing energy which they transfer to me. <3

I have 54 children aged 6 -15 in the classroom and the school is across the road so sometimes it happens, that some children run to the door of my room and want meto teach them even out of school…I cannot refuse it. On the way to school from my room, children accompany me holding my hands. These moments. At the end of the day, after a bowl of rice and fish, we go to the nearby waterfall wearing long dresses and I can’t stop laughing about it. At night, cats accompany me sleeping close to my head. That is how we live here.


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