Genesis is a nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1996. Genesis organizes a wide range of international workshops and seminars and at the same time collaborating on global projects focused on human rights, ecology, education, leadership and communication skills.

Genesis has already led projects in France, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and many others.

Genesis in Cambodia is sister project of the Genesis organization.


Nonprofit organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which was founded in January, 2000. Since 2000 KYSD has focused on protecting the natural right to life and promoting respect for fundamental human rights. They seek to contribute positively to the development of the communities in which they live. They work with local and international organizations and also work with the Cambodian government. 

MY Cambodia

Modern Youth Cambodia is an independent youth lead organization that can be advantage for human resource development, through capacity development to improve the quality of education, and employment in the country. YII works with civil societies, the private sector and government agencies to promote their programs more effective and sustainable. YII serves as a training center with creative performance to build the country’s human resources potential.