Every day is different

February 6, 2019/0/0

2 weeks have flown away very quickly and I am lying in a hammock and run through my mind all those moments. After the wild New Year’s Eve party in Koh Kong I am back to the village and I am glad for that. Kids, smiles, swimming in the river, sweet breakfast and peaceful nature. Before I left from Battambang to the village, I was invited for a lunch from the family of my friend Rithy. We sat on the floor on the carpet in the circle and in the middle of us was a kettle on the fire. They roasted meat above the kettle and were adding vegetables, noodles and the broth from the sides. It was amazing. I thanked for the meal and returned with the taxi driver, who is already my friend, to the village. On the way we picked up and drop off various people. One of them was a local doctor who is importing medicines for local patients. We are share the front passenger seat and chat. There are 9 people in the car. A week later we are going in 11 people but that is whole different story. 😀 Patients are mostly elderly people and women with children who do not have the opportunity to get to town, as the village is about 3 hours from the city.So we stop quite often. Doctor rolled down the window and women with the money for a cure were already standing by the margin of the road. The exchange took place and we continued on our way. I said good-bye to the doctor and thanked for his invitation to his house. Maybe some other time. Finally, I am with a localfarmer and his family, which I really like.

I eat meat which hanged on the hook on the sun by the dusty road covered by flies, but I don’t mind. I am dirty every day, but I don’t mind. The week goes by and I teach kids everything possible. I am creating new games and trying to make children more active, because Cambodians are used to riding even 10 meters on motorbike. Fortunately, kids love games and me, with my wild temperament, I like to join them.

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At the moment, it is harvest season here, so I tried to be a farmer for a day and I was harvesting maize with a farmer and the others in their fields. 3 hours on the sun, 36-degrees and only 400ml of water wasn’t easy, but I was glad that the locals appreciated it when they saw my scars and bloody marks on my hands and feet. I was really looking forward to I refresh in the river because I felt so hot from the sun. On the way back we all sat on wheeled tractor on the bags of corn. An amazing feeling.

The same day we went for a trip to waterfalls with new volunteer Eva, who is from France. She will be in Cambodia for 3 months. I love mountains and mountain paths, stones, forests, water, and nature in general. The path to the waterfall fulfills almost everything, because we were in the jungle. I was jumping like a chamois on the stones. I had to hold tight the rock not to fall into the water and then I swung on the rope (though I would rather like to say it was a liana) 😀 I was enjoying the feeling when I could hear my breath and the animals on the trees. I felt my heart pounding and rushed to our destination in my already sweaty t-shirt and pants. I’m first at the waterfall and I enjoy the calmness and the power of falling water at the same time, only for me, until the others come. Beautiful feeling.

Then I took Eva on a trip to the temples at Battambang. Here I encouraged myself to go to a deep, dark cave with bats, where I was all alone. I only heard myself, and when I turned off the flashlight I did not see anything at all. I overcame my fear, which then turned into adrenaline. Another amazing experience.

Every day is different and new, it doesn’t matter if it´s a small or a big experience. But the experiences are not always nice. I have unfortunately seen a dying child on the road, caused by motorbike accident. Every day I see people without limbs or eyes. One dog was dying in the neighbouring house but no one could help him, because people are glad when they can take care of themselves and their families. During these moments or when your own life is in jeopardy, in fear or panic, you realize what a gift is to live and you find out what are your priorities in life. THANK YOU THAT I CAN.


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