Chambok, my heart. <3

April 29, 2019/1/0

April´s is almost over. My last 15 days of volunteering and living in Chamboka. Last days with children and with family, with people and with cows, with hot tea at 37 degrees, with my bike that is breaking apart, with monks, with dirty feet from red dust, with scooter rides, with mangos growing literally in front of my nose and with wild weddings. I’ll get to go to one more, ha! I’m leaving exactly for the Khmer New Year celebrations. But I don’t want to leave. Last week, one of my friends, whose name is the same as the month he was born in, Kakada = July, said: “Terinda (yes he calls me like that), kids want you to teach them on Sunday morning, because they don’t have any classes on Sunday.” Honestly, I was delighted, because they preferred learning English instead of a day off, and some kids even have to commute. People are freaking about taxes in the Czech Republic at the moment, I do not care about anything. I try to enjoy every day even more before I leave, to feel the moments and realize that every minute spent here will not come back. But I will have memories forever in my mind. I wanted to get out of myself a little more energy, so I decided to support the kids by purchasing English textbooks that will be in Khmer for better understanding and other necessary school tools. But I won’t be able to do it by myself. I have three classes, most precisely two at the moment, but I still want to give things to all three. Together, it is 47 dirty mouths. Czech children have a huge luxury in this, that they don’t even percept, because they simply have it. And just because I know that people don’t want to contribute financially a lot nowadays, I’m excited for every person involved in this charity event.

It feels so good when people write me that they are proud of me, how they are looking forward seeing me, asking me if I´m gonna do a lecture, these are just the waves of energy that I feel in every part of my body and that will make me always smile for myself.

Chambok, my heart. 

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  • Alena / May 30, 2019 / Reply

    Beautiful blog ❤

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