Project Genesis in Cambodia (GiC) is project of nonprofit organization Genesis. 

We work to ensure that children from poor families receive quality education and we also contributing to improving pedagogical practices. We believe it is not only important to educate but to educate well. We are focusing on children living on garbage place. Their families do not have sufficient money to provide them  the most basic education. 

cambodian kids playing
cambodian girls

This garbage place full of bacteria and odor is located near Choeung Ek killing fields, nearby the capital city Phnom Penh. On this huge dump live hundreds of people. Children who live here are often forced to work in landfills with their parents, because garbage collecting is for these people the only possible source of livelihood. They earn about 35 cents per day for 14 hours work. This amount is not enough to send children to school, but often it is not enough to provide basic diet.

cambodian garbage place
how Cambodian people live


Our vision is to improve and enhance efficiency of education on cambodian primary schools and make education accessible to children who cannot afford it. Throught education we want for children and their families to find  the way for better life and to get out of vicious circle of poverty. Increasing literacy allows better and independent life and prevent poorness.

Part of the earnings will contribute to the children’s formal education and part will be donated to extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities will be focused on learning English language, environmental protection and individual development of the child. Extracurricular activities will be supported by volunteers who will be sent to the specific region in Cambodia. These volunteers are mostly university students of ecology, english, pedagogics, psychology and mathematics. Thus we also give opportunities to yound students for self-realization, awareness of the importace of helping, expanding horizons and gaining valuable experience from a different culture.

Teaching English is not in the high level in Cambodia, that is why emphasis will be on teaching the English language, which is essential tool for success in the international and domestic job market. For this reason, we want to offer a course, which will take a place in form of games and active conversation instead of mindless repetition method, which is commonly practised in schools in Cambodia.

Environmental protection is on poor level in Cambodia, for this reason we would like to offer course, which would be devoted to respectful attitude towards the environment. The aim of this course is to encourage in children a feeling for nature protection and responsible behavior towards it. We assume that like this educated children will become more involved in helping at the local level and become an example in their neighborhood. 

cambodian pupil
cambodian school